BSR Electric Final Conference : A look back at our biggest event

Our fully virtual final conference has come to an end, but the learning keeps going on. Access all the conference material collected from project experts and stakeholders right now!


Urban e-mobility roadmap now online

Final project output now online! We invite you to explore all outcomes of the BSR electric project, which includes conclusions and recommendations for fostering e-mobility solutions in urban areas in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond.


Baltic Sea Region Mobility Summit 2020

In a completely online event from 8th to 10th September, domain experts and stakeholders came together to answer the most important questions for e-mobility. Read below to learn more.


BUP Symposium 2020: Innovation and Research for a Sustainable Baltic Region

At the BUP Symposium 2020, BSR Electric will focus on sustainable mobility in urban areas and share its best practices in the BSR region.


Sustainability and Practicability of Electric Buses – Best Practice From Hamburg

A recent survey of bus passengers in Hamburg, Germany, revealed a set of aspects to consider for the implementation and the upscaling of sustainable public transport solutions. The survey design comprised passengers of both electric and conventionally fueled buses. Passengers especially valued the quietness and pleasant driving atmosphere.


BSR Electric Compact Webinar: The Future of E-Bus Operations

BSR Electric Hamburg organized a specialist webinar addressing the question how to increase the efficiency of e-bus operations. Keynote speakers from telematics companies Sycada and Viricity provided exciting insights into IT-based data monitoring approaches that may serve to increase efficiency of e-buses by 20-30 %.


E-Scooter Updates From Latvia

Our partners in Riga have been working hard to assess the value of e-mobility as a social inclusion tool. Today, we feature their work in one of Riga's cemeteries, where e-scooters play an important role.


BSR Checklists : Theme Specific Recommendations

As BSR electric comes to a close, our recommendation checklists have been finalised. Read now to find out the best ways of implementing different modes of e-mobility in your region!


The Next Stop : A Definitive Index of All Podcast Episodes

Our official podcast The Next Stop, started as an experiment to explore the complex domain of e-mobility. Today we have interview 13 key experts and published 7 episodes, reaching a wide audience. Click here to access all the episodes!


BSR electric launches new online learning module

The BSR electric project is pleased to announce the launch of its new online learning module on fostering e-mobility solutions in urban areas in the Baltic Sea Region. Enroll now and explore what BSR electric has on offer!