BSR Electric Compact Webinar: The Future of E-Bus Operations

BSR Electric team invites you to join a webinar on e-buses, the large-scale implementation and optimizations of whose operations in public transport comes with various challenges. Find the link to join below!
(c) Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein (VHH)

In this compact 60 min specialist webinar, two expert speakers from innovative European mobility companies will share a set of insights that are key for the electrification of public bus transport. These are the following:

• Are there different stages of bus transport electrification, and what are their particular challenges?
• What are main influences on range and energy consumption of e-buses?
• Which methods and systems can be applied to monitor and optimize performance of electric bus fleets?

Find the agenda in the following .PDF document: https://bsr-electric.eu/content/3-news/20200727-bsr-electric-virtual-webinar-the-future-of-e-bus-operations-seizing-the-full-potential-of-electrification/the-future-of-e-bus-operations_07.08.2020.pdf

Feel free to use the following link to join the webinar and/or to share with all who may be interested:


We wish you an informative one-hour webinar!