Two of the main goals of the BSR electric project are trans-national learning and knowledge sharing, which is why there will be numerous events that we host directly or where the project will present its lastest findings. They will be across the different partner countries, and posted regularly. Moreover, you will find pictures and documents from the events here as well.

Sep - 10 Sep 2020

Baltic Sea Region Mobility Summit 2020

Riga, Latvia

Online event open to all! Discuss the future of mobility with highlights from the projects cities.multimodal, SUMBA and BSR electric.

Aug - 07 Aug 2020

BSR Electric Compact Webinar: The Future of E-Bus Operations

BSR Electric Hamburg organized a specialist webinar addressing the question how to increase the efficiency of e-bus operations. Keynote speakers from telematics companies Sycada and Viricity provided exciting insights into IT-based data monitoring approaches that may serve to increase efficiency of e-buses by 20-30 %.

Jun - 17 Jun 2020

BSR electric's Final Virtual Conference organized by Team Gothenburg

Gothenburg, Sweden

The corona pandemic led to a change in the original plans for BSR electric’s Final Conference, but the spirit of transnational learning stays alive virtually!

Sep - 25 Sep 2019

BSR electric at the 10th Conference of Active Mobility

Gdansk, Poland

Alsongside our partner meeting in Gdansk, the BSR electric project is part of the 10th Congress of Active Mobility.

Sep - 26 Sep 2019

5. Partner Meeting in Gdansk

Gdansk, Poland

This partner meeting will take place in Poland's beautiful harbour city and is carried out alongside the "Active Mobility Congress", which will enrich our meeting with a lot of insight into Polish and European developments in the context of urban mobility.

Apr 2019

Capacity-Building Breakfast Seminar on e-mobility: OSLO GREEN CAPITAL - HOW TO ELECTRIFY ALL URBAN TRANSPORT BY 2030?


THIS EVENT IS UNFORTUNATELY ALREADY FULLY BOOKED -------------------------- In 2019, Oslo is the European Green Capital, thanks to - among other things - the Norwegian car market being electrified at a record pace. The next ambition for Oslo is to become a zero emission city in 2030 and to electrify all urban transportation: vans, trucks, buses, ferries and heavy contruction machines.

Apr - 03 Apr 2019

4. Project Partner Meeting in Oslo

Oslo, Norway

The forth BSR-electric project partner meeting will be held in Oslo.

Mar 2019

Webinar: Electric Mobility on Waters – a Contribution to Clean Shipping


The development and implementation of environmentally friendly, emission-free, quieter and more efficient transport solutions for urban transport is a social trend. Herein, electric vehicles play a prominent role. In addition to the positive effects on the urban environment, electric ferries can be economical and attractive solutions as well. E-ferries have several advantages, such as the mostly already existing technology and infrastructure, short travel distances, as well as synergies with tourism solutions. Nevertheless, there are challenges for local authorities, transport companies and society in finding approaches for successful and sustainable implementation.

Mar 2019

Webinar: E-Scooters - potential solutions for social inclusion


When we hear about electric mobility, the first thing that comes to our mind are electric cars and electric bikes. Rarely, we find that people also refer to such technical innovations as electric ferries, electric trucks or electric scooters when talking about e-mobility.

Mar 2019

Webinar: possibilities for modern city logistics


Our modern cities need to change. With more and more people living in and visiting the city centers the whole transportation system needs to adapt. This can be done in many different ways, for instance waste handling and heavy transports can be done during the night, and small, light weight parcels can be distributed via different kinds of bikes and scooters. What is clear is that not everything can be squeezed into the same template and format – diversity is key for the future of city logistics. A common enabler is the development and usage of E-vehicles of different kinds.