Jun - 17 Jun 2020

BSR electric's Final Virtual Conference organized by Team Gothenburg

Gothenburg, Sweden

The corona pandemic led to a change in the original plans for BSR electric’s Final Conference, but the spirit of transnational learning stays alive virtually!


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Originally foreseen to take place in Gothenburg, the hosts decided to transform the final event into a virtual conference. This key online event will now take place from the 16th till the 17th of June 2020, and during these two days you can expect lots of interactive presentations, joint learning and networking opportunities. Aiming at maximize outreach and transnational learning far beyond the BSR region, the e-conference is being organized as open access event, meaning that it is free of charge and all featured content is produced in a way that allows reuse and replication for everyone (so-called Open Educational Resources). Delegates can stop by any time.

This is what you can expect when participating in our virtual event:

• Along with interactive presentation of BSR electric outputs by project partners, the e-conference will also feature insights into various electrification projects around Gothenburg. Different electric modes like ferries, buses, as well as logistics vehicles like trucks and mini vans, with their supporting infrastructure are planned to be on virtual display.
• See and hear expert speakers highlighting challenges and opportunities of sustainable mobility!
• Engage in virtual discussions with our project partners in  dedicated Q+A sessions!
• Interact and network with a global conference community!

We look very forward to seeing you online – the pre-registration for the e-conference is open now and the link can be found here.

The conference is structured in a way that allows you as a participant to access the content according to what suits you best. However, there are a few timeslots where we will broadcast live. These are:

Tuesday 16 June

14.00-15.00: Q&A - BSR Electric final result

By attending the opening live-session of the conference you will get the opportunity to get familiar with the BSR Electric-project in detail. The Q&A session will be moderated by the project’s  lead partner who has been the lead project coordinator of BSR Electric, in addition, the project partners will be available for questions from the audience. To facilitate transnational learning, there will ample room to interactively discuss opportunities, challenges and further practicalities which the partners of the project faced during their engagement in the project.

Franziska Wolf – Hamburg University of Applied Sciences


• WP2 – Annika Kunnasvirta, Turku University of Applied Sciences, and Ilkka Aaltio, Green Net Finland
• WP3 – Magnus Karlstrom, Lindholmen Science Park
• WP4 – Merit Tatar, Institute of Baltic Studies

Wednesday 17 June

11.00-12.00: The procurement and acquisition of electric buses in Oslo, Gothenburg and Hamburg

For the first panel discussion we have gathered representatives of three different actors who are working with implementing electric buses as part of the public transport system in Hamburg, Oslo and Gothenburg. The aim of the panel is to learn more about and compare the prerequisites these three cities have had in their transition to electric buses. The panel will also delve deeper on the problems and solutions each city has faced and worked on, and their thoughts of the future of electromobility.
Malin Broqvist Andersson - City of Gothenburg


• Nina Zeun - VHH, Hamburg
• Roger Vahnberg - Västtrafik, Gothenburg
• Marius Gjerset - ZERO, Oslo

14.00-15.00: Implementation of electrified commercial vehicles and charging infrastructure in Europe in the future

What are the aspirations for the field of electromobility in the Nordic countries and how are these ambitions correlating with the commitments of the EU that are planned for the future? What effect might these ambitions have for cities and regional authorities with an interest in investing in electromobility and the related recharging infrastructures in the future and are there financial incentives for doing so?
The area of electromobility has in the last past years been developing rapidly, but how will this development continue onto the future? In the final panel discussion, we will get the opportunity to more closely analyze and discuss the future of electromobility and the measures which are planned on European and Swedish levels to make the transition from fossil fuels.

Malin Broqvist Andersson - City of Gothenburg


• Robert Missen - DG MOVE
• Per Österström - Business Region Gothenburg
• Thomas Becker - STRING Network
• Jenny Skagestad - ZERO
• Martina Wikström - Swedish Energy Agency

The e-conference can be accessed at www.dl4sd.org, the open access learning portal of the Hamburg partner which is dedicated to fostering sustainable development by means of various digital learning arrangements.

Please find the invitation PDF attached here : bsr-electric-final-conference-16-17-june

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