BSR Checklists : Theme Specific Recommendations

As BSR electric comes to a close, our recommendation checklists have been finalised. Read now to find out the best ways of implementing different modes of e-mobility in your region!

Decision makers have a million things to consider when implementing a new transport method. With the ever evolving technology and policy around e-mobility, this task gets considerably tougher every day. To simplify working with implementing e-mobility, Zero, our Norwegian partner has lead the preparation 5 sets of checklists together with the other BSR electric partners. We've prepared checklists for each BSR-e mobility mode, that decision makers can refer to while working with their respective plans.

Based upon findings and results of piloting activities, these checklists are universal; meaning can potentially be applied anywhere in the world.

Please find the checklists here or on our Results page :

E-Vans and e-Logistics - Action Checklist for Municipalities, local and national Politicians
E-Buses - Action Checklist for Municipalities and Public Transport Providers
E-Bikes - Action Checklist for Municipalities and Companies
E-Scooters - Action Checklist for Municipalities and Organizations
E-Ferries - Action Checklist for Municipalities
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