E-Scooter Updates From Latvia

Our partners in Riga have been working hard to assess the value of e-mobility as a social inclusion tool. Today, we feature their work in one of Riga's cemeteries, where e-scooters play an important role.

In Latvia, cemeteries are a very important part of life. Great care is taken to keep the graves of family and loved ones looking tidy and pretty. Mainly elderly people take care of graves of family. As the Riga city has the largest amount of the population, also it has the largest cemetery territories. It is allowed only to walk in the cemetery area; thus, it can be complicated for elderly people walk long distances to clean up their family cemetery area.
Within BSR electric project, one of Riga cemetery tested e – scooters for visitor transportation.
Now, the first important conclusions are made, that have to be taken into account, if such practice will be multiplied:

• Cemetery roads have different surface and are affected by 4 season weather conditions, cemetery roads have steep slopes, cemetery roads have different width.
• E – scooters should have a cargo compartment, as e - vehicle should be able to transport visitors wheel chairs, or other mobility helping devices.
• People visit cemeteries all year long. Taking into account the weather conditions in different seasons, the e-vehicle has to be protected from rain and wind in cold seasons and a pleasant drive has to be ensured in the hot season.

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