Newsletter 5

With news on our final conference, an exciting webinar and a brand new episode of The Next Stop, and our many activities in the last 6 months- our latest updates are compiled into one, easy to ready newsletter.


Danish Government provides tailwind for e-delivery and infrastructure

Our partners in Denmark relay the news on development of e-logistics and related infrastructure from Denmark. Starting April 2020, about € 10.mio would be dedicated to support these developments.


The Next Stop : State of the Art of E-mobility Podcast

Learn more about the ever changing landscape and development of E-mobility worldwide with 3 key experts in this episode of The Next Stop, our in-house podcast.


The Next Stop : Recommendations and Checklists Podcast

Even through the COVID-19 pandemic, we're working hard to ensure that decision makers and stakeholders have valuable tools to implement their efforts in e-mobility. The Next Stop, our in-house podcast, returns with it's new episode on recommendations and checklists.


Finland's New E-Buses to start operation in Turku

Finland's electrification of the public transport fleets is taking leaps forward. As the most recent step, earlier this year the regional public transport authority in Turku, Föli, made the decision to acquire 12 new e-buses.


BSR electric project activities carry on despite COVID-19 pandemic

The corona pandemic is slowing down social and economic life around the globe, also within the BSR region. Read about how we're working on carrying out the project activities here.


BSR electric participates in workshop with Porsche

BSR electric and ATI Küste organised an inter-disciplinary knowledge exchange in the heart of the Porschewerk in Leipzig. Find out more here.


E-mobility stakeholder analysis: Estonia's update

As an update to the BSR electric state of the art analysis, our Estonian partners have analysed the current e-mobility playing field for various modes. Read more to find out here.


Germany Creates Charging Infrastructure Master Plan

As Germany gears up for it's 2030 climate protection plan, the federal government has announced an ambitious goal to reach 1 million charging points by 2030.


Inauguration of Bergedorf's new E-Buses

The public transport operator in Bergedorf, Hamburg has procured 16 eCitaro e-buses from Daimler Mercedes. A first of it's kind procurement for the district, the buses are 100% electric and have a range of 170 km.