Electric Tour of Oslo

In early April, our partner ZERO hosted our fourth BSR Electric partner meeting . We were about 40 participants from Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Finland and Sweden to experience Oslo - Europe’s Green Capital 2019.

The video nicely captures some of our partners' perceptions of the tour and insights gained from the Oslo visit.

Alongside the meeting, all partners (picture 1) took part in our capacity building breakfast seminar "Oslo Green Capital: How to electrify all urban transport by 2030?" at Kulturhuset. During this event, our partner Peter Lindgren from the City of Gothenburg and Head of the porject ElectriCity, was interviewed by the regional radio station NRK Østlandssendingen about what Oslo can learn from Gothenburg when it comes to large scale electrification of buses, trucks and ferries. Here is the interview (in Norwegian/Swedish): https://radio.nrk.no/serie/distriktsprogram-oestlandssendingen/DKOA01006519/02-04-2019#t=1h31m32.36s

After that, the project team went on a very interesting "Electric Tour of Oslo".
At Vippetangen, Paal Mork from the Urban Environment Agency presented the electric car charging garage under the Akershus fortress. It is the world’s first paring garage reserved for electric cars (picture 2). He also showed the charging station for electric buses (picture 3), and the plugin hybrid electric tourist boat “Vision of the Fjords” (picture 4). ZERO’s Head of Technology, Marius Gjerset, shows the shore power station at Vippetangen which makes it possible for the ferries to Denmark (DFDS and Stena Line) to use clean electricity instead of polluting diesel when ashore in Oslo (picture 5).
At Aker Brygge, Atle Holth from the public transport agency Ruter showed the construction of the charging station for the soon to be electric ferries to Nesodden, also explaining the difficulties such a charging station for passenger ferries - which are to be retrofitted into electric engines and batteries in 2019 - entails (picture 6).
At Vulkan, Kjersti Folvik and Ingvild Roald in Aspelin Ramm explained the smart energy solutions for the urban development area and showed the parking garage with advanced charging facilities, electric car sharing and the city bike pilot with electric box bikes (pictures 7 and 8).
The tour also led us by Kvadraturen, where the city of Oslo has reserved parking lots with charging points for electric vans and trucks to contribute to the electrification of the freight transport. (picture 9).

Credits and many thanks go to Jenny Skagstad from Zero and Sandis Zuciks from Ardenis Ltd. for capturing this event so well.

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