BSR electric project presentation at the European Innovation Partnership Seminar in Tallinn

The Ministry of Finance of Estonia organized the European Innovation Partnership seminar in Tallinn where Merit Tatar from our partner IBS presented BSR electric.

The aim of the seminar was to introduce the results of Interreg projects that include Estonian partners in the fields of transport, infrastructure and communication. The seminar was dedicated to Interreg programme transport projects and altogether 11 projects with Estonian partners were introduced in the seminar, including BSR electric.

In collaboration with the Tartu City government, IBS has prepared an overview of the distribution, expectations, potentials and obstacles of electric transport in the BSR area and is supporting the capacity building activities in the knowledge transfer process. The BSR electric project was perceived very well and the audience was interested in the results of the suitability of e-buses in Estonia, which is piloted by the Tartu City government. In addition, the first use case results by project partner cities were discussed and the importance of the BSR electric roadmap that will be published at teh end of the project.

Presentations can be found (in Estonian) here.

Credits for the pictures go to the Estonian Ministry of Finance.

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