BSR electric participates in workshop with Porsche

BSR electric and ATI Küste organised an inter-disciplinary knowledge exchange in the heart of the Porschewerk in Leipzig. Find out more here.

On the 5th of March BSR electric and ATI Küste organised an inspiring workshop in the Porschewerk in Leipzig, aiming at knowledge and experience transfer of different e-mobility applications on land, water and in the air. Impressive insights were provided on new developments in the fields of battery electric ferries and airplanes. A very nice example for successful implementation of e-mobility to water bound transport was demonstrated by Weiße Flotte GmbH.

Starting the operation of solar powered e-ferries for public transport in Berlin in 2014, Weiße Flotte is now transporting around 400.000 passengers a year CO2-free, generating about 40% of the required energy directly on the ferries via solar panels. According to Rainer Garbe from Weiße Flotte a key factor to effective operation of e-vehicles is proper staff training and scrutinizing old behavior patterns. Many operational mistakes happen, because the differences in handling electrical engines and combustion engines are underestimated and e-vehicle specific principles are neglected. An example: When falling behind schedules, captains were accustomed to use the velocity of diesel ferries to full capacity. However, the same behavior can lead to drastically diminished range of e-ferries and lead to increased ageing and failure of the batteries due to the high accelerations. Therefore, monitoring the operation of e-vehicles, continuous training and measuring the effects of the staff training is paramount when implementing e-mobility projects.
In conclusion, the workshop demonstrated the importance of inter-disciplinary knowledge exchange and networking. More details about the workshop can be found in the pdf attached here- bsrel_cshipp-workshop-leipzig-agenda-info-deu

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